Hot Melt Lijmpistolen, (andere) Low Profile Compatible, Ni120 Cordset

Lijmpistolen, Lijmrups Extrusie

High Quality & High Performance series of Hot Melt Guns, manufactured to stringest European DIN standards.
>  Q400-series : Compatible with Nordson® AOSC series
    Q500-series : Compatible with Melton® AOAC series
    Q600-series : Compatible with Nordson® AOAC series
>  Ni120 Electrical Cordset, Max. 105 bar @ 230 °C
>  Special versions available, on simple demand
*   Please order InLine Filters, Nozzles & Mac Valves 

                      Omschrijving OEM P/NStockAant. hotmeltparts
Prijs in €
NN.1060939 HM Heated Dispensing Gun,
NN-1060939 NN.10609391 500,00