Sales Conditions is a tradename of HiQ Tech Systems.   All orders will exclusively be accepted on the General and Specific
Sales Conditions of HiQ Tech Systems.   Complete Sales Conditions are available upon simple request.

Order Procedure :

-1-  Choice of products (shopping basket) :   Select the products of your choice and their quantities in the shopping basket.
       At your choice, you can print this shopping list as a QUOTATION (for your internal administration) and STOP your OnLine
       session and/or continue to process your order OnLine.
       After placement of your OnLine order, you will immediately receive an automatically generated confirmation of reception.

-2-  Order Confirmation :   After reception of your order, you will soon also receive an Order Confirmation (ProForma Invoice),
       with confirmation of the ordered products, pricing, estimated delivery time and shipment costs.

-3-  Payment :  Your Order will become "final" after reception of your payment, based on the sent/received ProForma Invoice.

-4-  Delivery :   After reception of your payment, the goods will be shipped, including an official Invoice for your administration.

Prices on the website :   All prices on the website are indicative, not binding and based on upfront payments.
     HiQ Tech Systems reserves the right to change prices without notification and/or reserves the right to refrein from orders.

Delivery :    Exclusive, ExWorks HiQ Tech Systems in Belgium, unless otherwise specified in our Order Confirmation.
     We also welcome receiving your Customer Account Number of any Parcel Delivery Service of your choice (UPS, DHL, Fedex,
     TNT, ... ) for direct invoicing of all Shipping Costs, Taxes & Duties to your company.  Usually, this is the most economical way.

Delivery Delay :    Most parts are available from stock and/or within an expected delivery time of 1 or 2 weeks,
     after Order Confirmation and reception of your payment by Bank Transfer.

VAT, customs & other taxes :   Not included, unless otherwise specified in our Order Confirmation.
     Orders for delivery in CEE, subject to VAT 0% taxation, will only be accepted from companies with a valid VAT number.

Warranty :   2000 hours of production limited to 1 year after date of delivery, on "confirmed" fabrication defects.
     All typical wear parts and/or abused parts are excluded from this warranty.

Responsibilities :   Under no condition, HiQ Tech Systems. can be responsible for consequential damage claims.
     The responsibilities of HiQ Tech Systems. are limited to the scope-of-supply and their sales value.
     HiQ Tech Systems. is not responsible for the ultimate performance of adhesives.

Exchange Trade-In :   For some products, HiQ Tech Systems offers  *New Exchange  and/or  *Rebuild Exchange  services. 
     At your choice :
       - Upon up-front reception of your old (defect) components, we will immediately apply the Exchange Price on your Invoices.
       - Upon up-front sending of the ordered components, and shipment back of your old (defect) components at a later moment,
          we will add a Provision representing the Value of the Return Component, on your (ProForma) Invoices.   This Provision 
          will be refunded on your bank account number when receiving your old (defect) components back at our Shipping Address.
     Shipping Address for return components is :
          HiQ Tech Systems bvba
          Technical Warehouse
          Melkerijweg, 5
          BE-2240     Zandhoven

Jurisdiction :   Any contract resulting from a purchase at HiQ Tech Systems will be treated according Belgian Law.